Customs Clearance


Our company is the first and only company that formally established in the Erbil International Airport, which is performing the systematic program, by existence a staff that has information about how to deal with all the articles as well as they has enough information about all the law of customs and regulations.


  • Speed up to the process of custom clearance, to the care of limited time of delivery to the specific place
  • Legally treating, accurately and intelligently with the parties that have related such as directorate for custom, economic security health and quality control.

Existence professional staff that have skill about transporting transaction.

They have complete information about all cities and areas of Kurdistan region and Iraq.

Our company will gave grantee on all transporting stuff concerning losing, breaking, damage and all responsibility till target place.

Using new truck like trail Lori crane bunko and pickup etc…..  Providing all necessity for loading and unloading. Existence of special group of guards for protecting all equipment and stuff in order to transporting them to all of dangerous places of Iraq.

To provide a variety of modern services and the rapid , we use 50 kinds of different trucks ( Tadano, truck 1 ton, 2 ton, 4 ton...) to be more secure and faster time to our customers to get their goods from (EIA) to the all areas of Kurdistan and Iraq. We use the latest technology to provide the best services.